Hot Chocolate Gift Box

Now while the box I made was very pretty on the outside, it of course needed something suitable to go inside. I decided to make a hot chocolate gift set, and I used the envelope punchboard to create some pockets to put the hot chocolate sachets in.

Hot chocolate gift box

The pockets were 2½" x 2½" and ¾" deep. That meant that I needed a piece of Early Espresso cardstock measuring 5½" square, and I had to punch and score at 2¼" and 3¼" (the best way is to punch and score on two opposite sides, and then use the pointer to line up the score lines for the other two sides). I cut off one of the 'sides' of the box and then could create my pocket. Then I just made another one for the opposite side of the box.







  1. Do you mind sharing your instructions for making the box, too? Did you make it with the box punch board? Really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Andrea!
    The instructions for the box itself are in this blog post:
    Thank you for visiting my blog x